Dr. George Kramer became involved in his profession because as a child, he was curious about the game of chess. He would sometimes play in the yard at school. His father noticed his curiosity and decided to teach him the game to continue developing his nascent passion. By high school, Dr. Kramer had begun playing chess more and winning local competitions. Eventually, after winning some local titles, Dr. Kramer won a competition in Detroit, Michigan, for the speed championship. As a result, he was asked to be on the Olympic team. In addition to practicing his craft outside of a formal education, Dr. Kramer pursued the study of science as a means to harness his analytical and logistically-minded mentality. He first earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry at Queen’s College in 1951, a Master of Science in physical chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania in 1955 and, in 1957, he received a PhD in interaction between helium and nitrogen at the University of Pennsylvania.

In his career, Dr. Kramer excelled as a member of the U.S. Olympic team, a participant in the U.S. National Championships and as a senior research associate and chemist with Exxon. He retired from his position at Exxon in 1994. In his career, he amassed 22 patents with Exxon and authored more than 56 articles to scholarly journals.

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